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Veterinary Physiotherapy

We see mainly horses and dogs for physiotherapy, but also cater for a variety of other clients. We have successfully treated cattle, sheep and felines for a variety of conditions. Please contact us for any other species enquiries.

All animals require a referral from your veterinary surgeon prior to appointment, this can easily be done by yourself or we can contact your vet directly if you would prefer.  

Maintenance Veterinary Physiotherapy

Veterinary physiotherapy can also prove beneficial for animals that are not diagnosed with a condition or have specific problems. Many of our clients do not compete their animals and just enjoy hacking out or hill walking but want to make sure their animal is supported with regular appointments.

Post Operative Veterinary Physiotherapy

Veterinary physiotherapy supports animals after surgery, increasing the rate of healing, improving the animal's rehabilitation and returning them more quickly to their normal life. Post-operative physiotherapy is often included in the cover provided by insurance policies.

Competition and Performance Animals 

Regular veterinary physiotherapy will help support your animal to enhance performance, prevent injury and support longevity. We tailor bespoke treatment plans to your animal, sport and ​your goals. The majority of our clients are seen for maintenance and performance physiotherapy, usually every 4-8 weeks. 

Equine Physiotherapy 

For more information on how veterinary physiotherapy can benefit your horse, please click here.

Canine Physiotherapy 

For more information on how veterinary physiotherapy can benefit your dog, please click here

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