Canine Physiotherapy

We treat a variety of canine patients with physiotherapy, from the much loved family pets to working and sporting dogs for a variety of conditions. 

Your dog will benefit from our holistic approach receiving a full assessment prior to treatment. We use a range of manual techniques, such as massage and stretches, electrotherapies and remedial exercises tailored to your dog. Your dog's treatment is individual and bespoke to you.

We base all our treatments and techniques on the latest research and use our knowledge and expertise to clinically evaluate the best possible techniques for each dog. 


Your dog may benefit from regular physiotherapy if they have osteoarthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia or have been diagnosed with a neurological issue (such as degenerative myelopathy). 


Performance dogs such as agility, fly ball, gun or sheepdogs all benefit from regular physiotherapy. Programmes tailored to their sport/work and your goals will support and enhance their performance and longevity, reducing the likelihood of injury.


Post-operative physiotherapy is valuable to your dog's rehabilitation after surgery, encouraging healing, reducing complications and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. 

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