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Equine Physiotherapy

Equine physiotherapy works alongside the other equine professionals involved with your horse, such as the vet, farrier and saddler, ensuring a team approach with your horse at the heart. 

Your horse will benefit from our holistic approach receiving a full assessment prior to any treatment, ensuring any underlying or secondary issues are identified. We use a range of manual techniques, such as massage and stretches, electrotherapies and remedial exercises tailored to your horse. Your horse's treatment is individual and bespoke to you and your horse. 

We base all our treatments and techniques on the latest research and use our knowledge and expertise to clinically evaluate the best possible treatments for each horse.


Regular veterinary physiotherapy may benefit your horse if they have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, laminitis or neurological issues (such as wobblers). 

Performance horses benefit from regular veterinary physiotherapy to support your horse in their work and aiming to enhance your horses performance and support their longevity by reducing the likelihood of injury. 

Horses who have suffered tendon and ligament injuries, splints or muscle injuries all benefit from veterinary physiotherapy to accelerate healing and address compensations in movement. A detailed rehabilitation programme will be provided to support your horse in the return to exercise and reduce the chance of re-injury. 

Multiple Horse and Yard Visits

Help reduce our carbon footprint here at North Western Vet Physio.


For 3 or more horses at the same location there is no travel charge.

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