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(Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) 

LASER therapy is a valuable addition to our veterinary physiotherapist tool kit, offering a non-invasive, pain free and drug free treatment method. We use a class 3b, cold LASER which stimulates blood flow, provides pain relief and accelerates the rate of healing to injured tissues, such as muscles or tendons.


LASER therapy is a versatile tool, benefiting fracture healing, tendon and ligament injuries, muscle injuries, skin wounds, nerve regeneration and osteoarthritis to name just a few. 

We frequently treat patients with osteoarthritis, muscle soreness in performance animals and for post-operative animals with LASER therapy.



(Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation)

NMES or Neuromuscular Stimulation improves muscle strength and tone without physical weightbearing exercise required. Electrodes placed on the skin causes the targeted muscles to contract and relax in regular patterns.


NMES provides a useful tool for animals who have suffered nerve damage or where an animal is limited to restricted exercise for a prolonged period. In these cases use of NMES is vital in the early stages of rehabilitation to maintain muscle mass and function of joints when the rehabilitation programme progresses.

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