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Remedial Exercise Programmes

Remedial exercise programmes (REP) make up one of the most important parts of your animal's physiotherapy treatment. Clients often call their exercises 'homework'! Lots of conditions benefit from remedial exercise programmes, such as dogs suffering from luxating patella, exercises aiming to strengthen the quadriceps will support the patella ligaments. Those diagnosed with osteoarthritis will benefit from REP to support compensatory movements as a result of affected joints or to maintain function & muscle mass and improve the comfort of dogs with degenerative myelopathy.  For equine clients, such as those having suffered a tendon injury, REP will assist in their return to exercise, or for those suffering from intermittent upward fixation of the patella, an individual remedial exercise programme to strengthen the quadriceps muscle will be beneficial. Many other conditions can be treated and improved using veterinary physiotherapy techniques.

After each appointment your animal will be given a set of exercises tailored to their condition and areas of weakness which have been identified during their assessment. We aim to provide you with realistic and effective exercises to fit into your routine and home environment and most importantly suit your animal. The exercise programme will progress and change as we continually reassess your animal and their development towards their individual goals. Exercises are demonstrated during the appointment to ensure you are confident with the tasks set, following the appointment your individual exercise programme will be delivered electronically for you to complete at home. 

Some remedial exercises will require special equipment such as poles or wobble cushions, we bring all our remedial exercise equipment to each appointment, which is available to hire if you require. Remedial exercises for canine patients often include: sit to stands, poles, balance work on a wobble cushion, weaving and baited stretches. For equine clients remedial exercises differ with our most commonly prescribed exercises including: in hand and ridden trot poles, baited stretches, backing up in hand, hill work and long-reining. 

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