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Massage is a key element of our treatment tool kit, we use massage on nearly all of our clients. Both horses and dogs enjoy massage and really relax into their session. 


Massage promotes circulation (blood flow), alters the tone of muscles and reduces adhesion in the muscle tissue allowing the muscle tension, and subsequent compensations in the animals movement, to be addressed.

Post-exercise and competition massage aids the removal of toxins that cause fatigue and soreness, increases circulation and results in reduced muscle soreness.



Manual Therapies


We use both passive and active stretches as part of your animals treatment. 

Stretching programmes are most effective when used to target your animals individual needs and condition. 

Stretching increases the elasticity of muscle fibres, promotes circulation, improves flexibility and range of motion. Regular stretching routines have been proven to improve muscle tone and performance. 

We use stretching in treatments and utilise them as part of your animals Home Exercise Programme. 


Range Of Motion

Range of Motion, or ROM as it is often referred to by veterinary professionals, is not only an assessment tool. ROM also forms a valuable technique for physiotherapy treatments.

We use ROM in all of our assessments to examine the animal's range of motion at each joint. This provides vital information about how your animal moves and any abnormalities present in their joints. 


ROM used as a therapeutic tool increases joint nutrition and lubrication, stimulates muscles and provides proprioceptive input to neurological patients.  

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